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2023 The 7th International Conference on Advances in Artificial Intelligence is the premier forum for the presentation of technological advances and research results in the fields of artificial intelligence. The conference is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest:

Adaptive systems

Artificial Intelligence
AI Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence Tools & Applications
Automatic Control
Business intelligence

CAD Design & Testing
Computer Vision and Speech Understanding

Computational Theories of Learning

Computational life science
Data and web mining

Data Mining and Machine Learning Tools

Evolutionary computation
Ensemble method

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Systems

Financial engineering

Fuzzy set theory, fuzzy control and system


Heuristic and AI Planning Strategies and Tools

Hybrid Intelligent Systems
Intelligent agent

Information Retrieval

Intelligent control
Intelligent System Architectures
Inductive learning
Intelligent and knowledge based system

Information fusion

Knowledge Representation
Knowledge-based Systems

Knowledge management

Media computing

Multimedia & Cognitive Informatics

Neural net and support vector machine

Networking and information security

Neural Networks
Rough and fuzzy rough set

Reasoning and Evolution
Recent Trends and Developments

Soft Computing and Applications
Visual information processing

Pattern Recognition
Parallel Processing
Pattern Recognition
Pervasive Computing and Ambient Intelligence
Programming Languages
Neural Networks
Machine Learning
Probabilistic Reasoning
Evolutionary Computing
Pattern Recognition
Hybrid Intelligent Systems
Software Agents
Morphic Computing
Image Processing,
E-commerce, E-medicine
Rough Sets
Symbolic Machine Learning,
Signal or Image Processing
Vision Recognition
Biomedical Engineering
Reactive Distributed AI
Nano & Micro-systems
Data Visualization
Semantic Web Techniques and Technologies
Soft Computing Theory and Applications
Software & Hardware Architectures
Web Intelligence Applications & Search

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