Review Policies

  • This review policy is followed for all academic papers submitted to conferences managed by committee.
  • When the full paper is submitted, it is double-blind reviewed by a member of the conference committee. This review focuses on 10 issues intended to ensure that the paper is relevant to the conference, is of a sufficiently high quality to be accepted for presentation at the conference and publication in the conference proceedings and meets the submission criteria laid down by the programme committee. A copy of the Review Form that is sent to reviewers can be seen here.
  • In the event that a reviewer rejects a paper, a second opinion will be taken and the final decision about acceptance made by the conference committee.
  • The conference proceedings are produced in both printed and electronic form with ISBN numbers.
  • Submission dates can be found on the web page.
  • Some conferences include tracks with presentations from consultants, professionals and vendors. These papers are accepted by the committee. However a paper, as opposed to a set of PowerPoint slides, is nonetheless required.

Receiving Notification

After you received the formal notification letter, you can follow steps below to finish registration.

  • If the paper cannot match the topics or unqualified, rejection mail will be mailed.
  • After the paper pass two round of revewing process, formal acceptance letter will be mailed incuding review form with comments etc.
  • Please re-edit and improve paper quality according to review comments carefully.